About Your Chess Rating

How to get a chess rating and what it means:

  • you play in a USCF rated tournament, the TD (tournament director) submits the results to USCF, then USCF calculates your rating based on your performance
  • you must play 25 rated tournament games to get a regular rating, or in other words, get out of a “provisional” status – this is indicated by the “P” shown on USCF website next to your rating score when you first start out
  • provisional ratings fluctuate a lot, don’t worry about what it is!
  • want to get a higher rating?  practice practice practice and figure out what you could have done better in your games; play against stronger opponents and win!
  • look up your rating here on the USCF website


USCF Rating Classes:

Category Rating range
Senior Master 2400 and up
National Master 2200–2399
Expert (Candidate Master) 2000–2199
Class A 1800–1999
Class B 1600–1799
Class C 1400–1599
Class D 1200–1399
Class E 1000–1199
Class F 800-999
Class G 600-799
Class H 400-599
Class I 200-399
Class J 100-199



Fide Title Regulations:  http://www.fide.com/fide/handbook.html?id=174&view=article