Setting Chess Clocks

Sample Guidelines on How to Set/Program Certain Chess Clocks

Things to keep in mind

  • when setting a clock for increment time controls, look for either “Fischer” mode or “Bonus” mode
  • a game with an increment time control should be started with the increment in effect from move one
  • a game started w/o an increment capable clock should remain the timer for the entire game
  • increment mode, added time and fischer mode are equivalent


G/75;d5   (each player gets 75 minutes with a five second delay)

DGT North American Clock (blue)

  1. option 20
  2. left side should show 1:15 for hrs/mins, then .00 sec
  3. right should show 1:15 for hrs/min, then .00 sec, then 0.05 min/sec to enter in the delay
  4. always push middle red button to start the clock


  • use program option “dl-Sd1” which is for one sudden death time control with a delay
  • you can also use option andante mode 1 “CH-A1” but this has a maximum time control of 99 minutes
  • never select option 1 under the “halt” feature; you are not supposed to automatically have the clock itself stop the timers in an official tournament game when one side runs out of time



40/90, SD/30, inc/30

Chronos FX Game Clock:

  1. hold both buttons, press red center button
  2. short press red button until you see mode “tc-2”
  3. select mode “tc-2”, this mode allows for move counters and two time controls
  4. long press the red button to modify the mode
  5. modify time to “1:30” equivalent to 90 minutes
  6. modify number of moves from “30” to “40” – this is the small two digit figure in the middle
  7. make sure delay “dl” is set to “00”
  8. change the “ln” from “00” to “30” for 30 sec increment
  9. change the “0:15” to “0:30” for the additional SD/30 time control
  10. modify the delay and increment information
  11. save the time control

*Chronos Digital Game Clock  (longer clock with push button):

  1. use mode “Pr-C1”
  2. modify to “40-1:30” on both sides
  3. next screen should show “-1:30:00” indicating no delay
  4. next screen should be set to “0:30” for the 30 sec increment
  5. set next screen to “0:30:00” for the second time control of 30 minutes
  6. set increment to “0:30”
  7. set 0-bEEP, 1-LEd
  8. set 0-lEd Short
  9. set 0-bEEP At End
  10. set 0-bEEP At tC
  11. set 0-HALt At End
  12. COPY to 1

*if the first time control ends with one player not finishing the required number of moves, the clock will flag, but pushing the button will continue the game and add the second time control to the flagged opponent unless you set “1-HALt At End” at which point neither clock will continue once any one person flags – this is however very unlikely to happen in a long time control event


DGT Blue North American Clock: use option 16


DGT Red 2010 Clock:  use option 21