Club Values

Center64 members are expected to adhere to our club values:  Sportsmanship, Scholarship & Fellowship

  • Always respect your opponent, regardless if you win, lose or draw.
  • Learn something from the stronger players and do your best to mentor weaker players.
  • Forge positive relationships in the Houston community through the medium of chess.

It is our goal to ensure that all members, adults and youth, feel comfortable playing at the club.  Everyone should feel welcome and respected regardless of their playing strength.  Please understand though, that almost everyone wants to play someone rated higher than themselves.  This is expected as players only improve by playing stronger, more experienced players.

At the club we encourage stronger players to mentor weaker players by reviewing the games after each match.  Don’t forget, if you are one of those stronger players, you must have started out as a beginner at one point in time.  I’m sure someone else has helped you along the way.  Please do your best to help others too!  It will always be appreciated and you will garner respect and become a role model for others.

Playing chess exposes you to a society of varying personalities who all have one common interest: chess.  You will get to meet people from all walks of life, including doctors, lawyers, students, taxi drivers, business owners, self-employed contractors, engineers, etc etc.  This is a great opportunity for a player to network, socialize and build positive relationships in Houston.