Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do you have to be a member to participate in events?
A:  Membership is not required, we do offer one-time admission fees for events.  For our Tues and Sat tournaments, non-members will be charged a $7 registration fee in addition to the advertised entry fee to participate.  This non-member fee is waived for current Center64 members. Scholastic tournaments for kids have one flat entry fee.

Q:  Do you have casual chess playing opportunites?
A:  Unfortunately, at the current time no, because we don’t have the volunteers to open up the club more days of the week for this. However, here are some links to groups in and around the Houston area that do offer unrated, casual play:  and

Q: Why should I become a member of the club?
A: Becoming a member of the club is what helps support the club financially so we can pay for rent and costs of maintaining a place to play. Benefits also include free admission to group lectures and waiving of the any non-member tournament registration fees.

Q:  I have a child who would like to play against other children. What do you currently offer?
A:  Once a month, we run a rated scholastic tournament. It’s four rounds, starts at 1pm and is “usually” on the last Sunday of each month. If your child would like to participate, see all details on this link here. Your child does not need a club membership to participate, but will need a USCF membership. We charge a flat $20 Entry for each child. Parents must be present at all times.

Q:  I am a first time visitor.  When is a good time to stop by to check out the club?
A:  You are welcome to stop by anytime there is an event scheduled on the calendar.  We recommend coming on a visitors night or any casual chess night. You are also welcome to stop by during our Sat Swiss tournaments around 1pm. This is our busiest time of the week and you’ll see the most players then.

Q:  I am a beginner.  What do you offer for beginners just starting out?
A:  Our chess community is filled with players willing to give advice and help out other players.  We have a couple of masters who frequent the club and are always willing to give a pointer or two. Frequent play is needed if you want to get up to speed with our tournament players who regularly compete.  If you feel comfortable, join in on a tournament.  Players always discuss their games after each round.  This is how you will improve, by analyzing the game and figuring out where you or your opponent made an oversight or two.

Q:  What strength are your club members?
A:  Our players have varied in strength from a USCF rating of 600 to 2400+.

Q:  How do I know when you have events scheduled?
A:  Please view our online calendar, as this is kept the most up-to-date!  Please also check out our facebook page.

Q:  Are bystanders/spectators allowed to watch the tournaments?
A:  Yes.  You do not have to have a membership to come in, visit and watch a game or two.  This is only allowed during a tournament event.

Q: Does the Metro bus arrive at Center64?
A: Yes, see Route 47 or 25.

Q:  Are your tournaments USCF rated?
A:  Yes.  99.9% of our events are USCF rated. This means players must be current USCF members in order to participate in these events. Occasionally we will offer an unrated, just for fun practice event but these are rare.