USCF Rated Scholastic Tournament

*****  Next event on Sun, Jan 21st* *****

Who: Kids in grades K-8, rated under 1200 (stronger kids please check out our other events on the calendar)
Where: Center64
Address: 3201 Hillcroft Ave. Ste 2E, Houston, TX 77057
Time: 1pm – 5pm, check in by 12:50 pm
Details:  4 rounds, swiss, G/25;d5, dual rated
Entry Fee: $20.00
Awards: Trophies    (for top performers only – you usually need to win 3 out of 4 games)

How to Find Us: We are located on the 2nd floor of the Rich-Hill Shopping plaza in the SE corner of Richmond Ave and Hillcroft St. There is no storefront sign for the club. Please park in the rear lot behind the building. Entrance is over by the smoke shop on the side of Richmond Ave. There is also a lobby entrance between Boost Mobile and H&R Block. The lobby door will be locked. You will receive a door code and gate code via text message when you supply your cell phone number at registration. The codes will be sent to you close to the date of the tournament. Text 281.698.0068 if you have questions.

Important Details:

  • You do NOT need a club membership to Center64 to participate, however you must be a current USCF member to play in this event. If you do not have a USCF membership, please set it up online prior to showing up at the club. 
  • You will receive a text message close to the day of the event as your confirmation of registration. You should have also gotten your paypal email receipt. No email confirmation will be sent from the club.
  • Please park in the rear lot behind the building. The entrance is over by the smoke shop on the side of Richmond Ave. Utilize this lot prior to attempting to park in the front (this is our landlord’s parking policy). There is a gate. If it is not already open, please call for the code to gain access.
  • Be present by no later than 12:50 pm to check in at the club.
  • Please bring chess clocks if you own one (digital only). The club has a limited supply. Chess boards/pieces are not needed. In the event we run out of clocks, players will start their games without clocks and a clock will be added when one becomes available.
  • You must register in advance online because we have a maximum capacity of 30 kids.  We may have to turn you away if we have already reached 30 entries. 
  • Parents you are expected to be present throughout the entire tournament – or indicate a guardian for your child.  We are not responsible for your child.
  • In addition to our skittles area there is a lobby area outside of the club for parents. The club can supply several folding chairs. It is common and recommended for a parent to bring their own travel folding chair for the event.
  • Food, snacks, etc are allowed only in the skittles area during this event.
  • Tournaments usually finish earlier than expected.  It is not uncommon for the event to be done by 4pm even though it could potentially last till 5pm or so.
  • You must text us to let us know if you cannot make the tournament OR if you’ll be running late. If you do not show up prior to 1pm or let us know in advance that you’ll be running late, we will not pair your child to play the first round.
  • If there’s an odd number of players, then one player will receive a full point bye for that round – he/she will get to play a practice game against the tournament director instead of a rated game (for details on what getting a bye means, click here)
  • Your child will likely need to win three out of four games to receive a trophy (or receive 3 out of 4 points – sometimes 2.5 wins, but rarely). After your child has finished the fourth round, you are welcome to leave early. It is not required to stay for the award distribution. 
  • We do use a tie-break system to award trophies/medals. The child who has performed stronger given an equal number of points won will receive the higher award.

Please register online via this link here.